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What Is New In The World Of Stuffed Toys?

The toy industry has to reinvent itself all the time. When you have a lot of companies competing to have a best-selling toy, the only way to make money is to put a new toy on the market. As a parent looking for the latest trendy toy, you need to be able to read these trends so that you can make sure that your kids have the most desirable toy on the market. 


Technology can be found in all sorts of toys. Stuffed animals have not featured a lot of technology, but toys from dolls to stuffed animals will have wifi and/or apps integrated into them in the near future. Especially if you have a child who is into all of the latest technology trends, then you should look into stuffed toys that feature technology. 


Faux fur has been used in stuffed animals for a long, long time, and faux fur will continue into the future. On the other hand, fur is not the only fabric that can be featured on a stuffed animal. One way that toy designers try to make a hot new toy is to use designer fabrics. In this case, designer does not not mean satin or lace; it means animal prints, bright colors, lifelike fur, or soft textures. In any case, do your research and try to find what trends are about to break. 


Children tend to fall in love with characters from movies and TV shows. While you can find many characters in plush form, if characters do not make a big enough impact at the box office or on TV ratings, you may not be able to find a character in plush form. 


Just as moviemakers like sequels because they have a guaranteed audience, toy designers like iterations—or different versions of a popular style of animal. Thus, if there are bean-stuffed animals, pillow-shaped toys, or some other trend, you can wait for a new iteration to make sure your child has the latest toy on the market.

You might think that any stuffed animal is as good as another, but when a child falls in love with a certain toy, it becomes the one. If you want the opportunity to give your child a toy that they will fall in love with, sometimes it is enough to just listen to what your child wants--but sometimes you have to do your research so you can find the toy that your child didn't know they wanted. 

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