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Unique Ways To Bring Personality To Your Living Room Walls

Your living room is the space in your home that tells the story of your family, and you want to use creative ways to express everyone's personality best. Here are ways you can bring awesome personality to your living room walls so your space looks inviting and creative.

Block lettering

Spell out your family's name in large wooden Greek letters along your wall above a group of family photos or a favorite quote. Greek lettering is unique in design and gives your living space a modern, college-life appeal that is anything but traditional in all the right ways. You can do initials or a full last name on your walls with plain block lettering to make your walls look unique and fun.


When you think of patterned walls and colors, you often think of private bedrooms, but the living room is a great place in the home to have an accent wall. To avoid choosing a pattern that won't stay in style long, stick to classic bold stripes that can give your living room a sense of whimsy and contemporary appeal. Pick the longest wall in your living room and space out painter's tape in the width you want your stripes to be along the entire length. Paint the stripes in modern metallic hues for a surprising splash of color or opt for darker tones of your living room's existing color scheme to create a lightly detailed design.


Track lighting along your main living room wall is a great way to showcase family photos, certificates, paintings, and other treasured items that you want your guests and family members to see. What makes track lighting so great is that you can adjust each individual light to shine on different focal points, creating a mini artistic display that demands attention. Track lighting also doubles as mood lighting in your living room when you dim other lights in the area, creating an intimate appeal to your walls.

You want your living room to shine in its own way, and getting a little creative in your decorating can make all the difference. From using beautiful Greek wooden blocks to spell out your family name or initials on your walls to showcasing family photos and awards under gorgeous lighting, your living room can be turned into a lovely focal point in your home. Use these ideas to make your living room the most unique space in your home and turn your walls into their own works of art.

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