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Lighting The Little Home: How LED Lights Benefit Dollhouse Miniaturists

Every dollhouse builder and decorator is on a mission to create a scene that is as genuine as possible. Countless hours are spent on crafting bedding, furniture and food that help to mimic real household scenes. Unfortunately, without the appropriate lighting all of the details that make a house look real are lost. This is why it is so important to install lighting, and with LED lighting, the process can be easier, more versatile and safer than ever.

Wireless Lighting Options

Numerous designs are available for wireless battery-operated LED lamps and ceiling lights. These designs are battery operated and require no wiring of any type. Not only are they an easy solution for a new miniaturist, but they are a convenient option for people updating older dollhouses. The lights can be added to any room without the worry of replacing wallpaper or attempting to hide wires running across ceilings. Because lanterns and vintage-style lighting are also available, it is easy to find accessories that will match the era of the older home.

The Safety Factor

LED bulbs stay much cooler than incandescent lighting. This means that the house can be played with or furnishings can be rearranged without worry because the risk of touching a hot bulb is nonexistent. Additionally, it makes decorating safer as well. LED bulbs can be added to mini Christmas trees and wreaths or tucked into exterior hedges without the concern of the bulbs melting or scorching the materials they touch. Because they stay cool, they can also be safely used to light the interiors of closets and appliances or to make fireplaces and woodstoves look operational.

Durability and Cost

LED bulbs do not contain a filament and are able to withstand a miniature house being shifted around or the light bumped into without breaking as easily as other bulbs. LED lights are less expensive to operate and have a longer lifespan that incandescent lighting. This is important to the miniaturist in two ways. It saves on operational costs because the batteries are replaced less often, and it also reduces the frequency of when lighting strips must be removed and replaced. Since this removal can sometimes mean replacing wallpaper or other damage, most people want to delay the project as long as possible.

LED lights can provide the same warmth and ambiance as incandescent lighting. They are not only useful for dollhouses, but are great for any miniature project. They can be used safely in school dioramas or added to RC planes and cars for a fun effect. They are safe to touch, so they are a good option for both decorative houses and dollhouses built for play. 

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