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Decorative Ribbon Ideas For Your Home

If you don't have ribbon in your home, you should. Ribbon isn't just something you use when you're sewing; it can be used for any number of things. You can use it to help organize throughout your home, to add decorative elements, or even to dress up your daughter's hair. See below for a handful of ribbon ideas.

Decorative Organization

Use ribbon such as black grosgrain ribbon with white stitching or string it through wicker baskets along with a chalkboard tag (which can be found at most craft stores). Label the tag using a white chalkboard marker with the contents of the basket and store it in your pantry, linen closet, or elsewhere throughout your home. The black grosgrain ribbon with white stitching will give your home a nice modern and updated farmhouse look, which is really trendy right now.

Decorating With Ribbon

If you have boring white candles around your home, give them a little bit more oomph by using ribbon. Wrap a piece of ribbon around it in any color or style you choose and hold it all together using hot glue. This is a great way to decorate during the holidays, as you can remove the ribbon when the holiday or season is over. Use red and white ribbon during Christmas or Valentine's day holidays, then use a black and white polka dot ribbon during Halloween. For fall, decorate using orange, red and brown ribbon, wrapping it around candles, fake flowers/vases or lanterns and jars.

Ribbon Hair Bows

Ribbon hair bows aren't exactly for your home, but if you have a daughter, she may love the variety of hair bows. Create hair bows using ribbon and hot glue them to head bands, elastics to hold pony tails, or hair pins. There is a nearly endless number of colors and patterns to choose from with ribbon, so get creative. To tie a hair bow:

  1. Cut 2 inch thick ribbon in three (6 inch) length pieces. Then cut two (4 1/2 inch) pieces.
  2. Then cut 1/2 inch thick ribbon into two (8 inch) lengths.
  3. Cut a triangle out of the 2 inch thick lengths so your ribbon looks a little more decorative. Using a lighter, melt the cut edges a bit to help prevent fraying.
  4. Pinch the middle of the longer (6 inch length) pieces and hold them all between your finger and your thumb. Use a piece of string to tie the three pieces together. You should have a star shape.
  5. Next, take the two smaller (4 1/2 inch) length pieces of ribbon and repeat the step above. So now you should have two separate star shape bows.
  6. Using hot glue, dab a small amount onto the middle of the larger ribbon star bow and attach the smaller one to it.
  7. Take the 1/2 inch pieces of ribbon and attach it to a small metal clip using hot glue (to cover the metal). Then attach the ribbon star to the ribbon-covered clip.
  8. You should not have a beautiful hair bow.

Ribbon can be used for any number of things, and with the variety of color, styles, patterns and shapes, you can definitely find a use for it around your home.

For more ideas and to choose ribbon for your home, visit a local craft store, such as Wholesale Flowers Ribbons & Buttons.

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